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[Start] is blue: The Game is ready, click on [Start] to launch JTed.
[Stop] is blue: The Game is running. You may stop it any time by clicking on [Stop].
[Stop] is red: The Applet (Game) lost control over the mouse. Click onto Claudio Eichenberger. This is pretty important otherwise your key strokes won't be recognized by the Applet.
What is a Ted? A coloured square. A Ted can have one of the six following colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan.
What is the killer Ted? The killer Ted is a white Ted. All Teds of the colour on which falls the killer Ted will be eliminated from the board.
How do Teds occur? The Teds occur in groups of three, I call them a Triple. They fall from the upper part of the board to the bottom.
How to play JTed? You must align at least 3 times a Ted of the same colour, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This kind of alignment gets eliminated from the board and creates you vital space.
How many rounds has a Game? Three consecutive rounds are to be played for a complete Game.
What is the duration of a round? I cannot tell you. It depends how well you play. A round is finished when the board got completely filled up.
What is the aim of the Game? Play hard. Be the best JTed player of the Planet!
Can I cut the connection to the Internet when I play the Game? Yes, once the Game is loaded you can disconnect i.e. when you see Applet JTed running in the status bar then the moment has come to disconnect. Sure, this is not compulsory and in case that you have a permanent connection you surely won't.
I am getting tired of the images that load at the end of each game! Disable the load of them, see options

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Why does my score decrease over time? Because your score is decreased according to the following method: actual_score = initial_score * 0.90 ^ age
Otherwise the world best player could hog the first place at infinitum.
Will the Pace be constant? No, the pace is increased by 1/3 of its actual value every 30 fallen Triples.
How to accelerate the Game? Press the key u. As a mnemonic think of speed Up.
How to catch extra points? Drop the Triple as soons as possible.
Does JTed pay more points at a higher speed? Yes.
What computer suits JTed? Any computer having a processor equivalent of at least a Pentium 100MHz better is a 200MHz and even better is a powerful SUN machine http://www.sun.com/ and at least Netscape 4.0. Well, actually already Netscape 3.01 is sufficient and it seems that Explorer > 3.0 works as well.
How to get Maximum perfomance? Use the appletviewer! Attention, this is only for those who have got JDK downloaded and installed. You get the JDK at http://java.sun.com/ then make appletviewer http://www.jted.com/jted.html

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Question Answer
How will the World know my score? You will be asked to save your Score. In case that it figures among the 30 best ones you may provide your personal data otherwise your score will serve for statistics.
Do I need to reconnect to the Internet to save my Score? Yes, anyway you will be asked to if the connection does not exist.
I am connected to the Internet but the dialog box says:   www.jted.com -- cannot be contacted Well, that looks bad for you. You are probably behind a FIREWALL. You wanna have fun? Tear it down!
I wanted to save my score, but then I got:
Connection lost!
Well, as stated, you lost the connection. You have 20 minutes to save the score from when the save dialog box opened.
Neither of the symbols < ' " = : > that I used to save my data are visible in the high score table! Correct, any of these 6 characters gets replaced by a blank.

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Question Answer
I made more than 500'000 points but could not ask for my T-Shirt. You seem to be playing from behind a Firewall. You need to be on a computer not impeded by a firewall.
I disabled the load of the images but they still load? Disable the load again, but make sure that either Start or Stop is blue and not red before you press Ctrl n.
I pressed Pause but the game did not stop. You may pause the game 5 times during a game. Any further try will be ignored.
I saved my score but it does not appear in the high score table! You probably used an invalid First or Last name. Both of them must be at least 3 characters long. In case your First name is Ed then you'd have to complete it like Ed_. Use just letters and maybe   - _ &   for your name. If you really lost your score of the year then drop me an e_mail and we'll get that fixed claudio@wks.ch.
My old high score still occupies the high score table despite I saved my new one! You may have one entry in the score table, therefor you must exceed your old high score to replace it.
Can it happen that a Ted gets lost on the board? No, do not panic, a Ted which remains when the Triple moves on is due to asynchroneous screen update. This does not create ANY inconsistency in the game.
The dialog box does not appear!? If you are running Windows NT or Windows 95 look in the task bar to see whether the dialog box is iconified as JTed - Save your Score - then click on it.
Oh No, the Game stopped in the middle!? You probably have Sound On. This may happen in case you play at high speed. Disabling the Sound should spare you from this. Sound On requires heavy processor resources. See also next paragraph.
Game finished but it cannot be restarted. Even worse, you could not save your score!!! To avoid this kind of problem, close all applications except a newly started Navigator. If the problem persists buy some additional RAM. Something like 32MB should be fine for Windows 95. Pentium processors slower than 100MHz can also provoke this problem.
I can just about play one Game then things start to behave akwardly. You might be using a Browser which poorly implements the virtual Java machine. Download http://www.netscape.com/download/ Netscape´s latest browser to avoid this kind of situation.


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